A Guy’s Guide to Eating Healthier

Discover the power of nutrition and take control of your health with our exclusive men’s healthy eating guide – packed with delicious recipes, expert tips, and easy-to-follow advice.

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Why Eat Healthier?

Did you know children are 10x more likely to be obese if Dad is? We’re not telling you to never eat fries again, but taking small steps to eat healthier benefits your overall health, quality of life and helps you chase your kids.

Inside a Guy’s Guide to Eating Healthier:

  • Food facts – how diet impacts your health
  • Simple Dietitian tips to eat healthier
  • Delicious recipes from Celebrity Chef Ned Bell and Windset Farms
  • How to save money at the grocery store

This guide is approved by TELUS Health Registered Dietitian, Caitlin Boudreau.

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Take control of your health with our healthy eating guide for men – packed with expert tips, and easy-to-follow advice.

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